Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Guest Post by Stephanie

               Hello there, my name is Stephanie, and today I'm very excited to be guest-posting on Trend Setters! I'll include a little bio about myself at the bottom, but until then I'd love to share some amazing outfits/styles I love to wear in the summer, and hopefully you'll find some inspiration for your own chic look. Here we go!

1. Casual

2. A Bit More

3. Laid Back & Simple

I hope you enjoyed this, and I showed you a bit of inspiration for your summer look

Well, I'm Stephanie, a public-schooled smarty-pants who loves to get along with everyone. I love the color purple, blogging, fashion, Taylor Swift, One Direction, friends, dessert, and Jesus. I'm a Christian girl in Junior High, just living my life to it's fullest. You can find me reading, making smoothies, and shopping most of the time, and blogging is just a way for me to connect with even more people. I hope to one day grow up, and do something creative with my life, I'd love to go into photography. I currently use a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and I love it. All in all, I'm Fearless.